Our studio, Cactus Cubes is always ready to produce expressive 3D videos and rendered still images for clients who are obsessed with details and perfection. In the era of limitless information, we will work with you to communicate your ideas clearly. Behind us, there is a professional team, more than 10 years’ experience, many satisfied clients – and also a cat and a dog!
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After the brief is clarified, most of our projects start with the 3D modeling stage. We use professional modeling Softwares to virtually shape the geometry of your product or any object. Basically, we can start modeling based on any kind of resources from a detailed description to a high detailed technical drawing. The end result of this stage will be a detailed 3D geometry with a simple gray material on it.

After the 3D model is accepted we can move forward to the texturing and material setup. In this stage, we can apply a material to every part of the virtual model. It could be any kind of it, for example, a leather, metal, canvas, wood or glass. After all of the material’s properties (diffuse color, reflection, glossiness, refraction, roughness…) are adjusted we can place labels or stickers to an element. The end result of this stage will be a completely realistic 3D representation of your product.

After the modeling and texturing are finished, the next step is to turn it into an image, video or even a rotatable virtual model. For this, we have to setup a virtual studio with proper lighting environment, where we can place into our textured 3D model. With a virtual camera, we can shoot one photo or a video sequence. The end result will be one image file or an image sequence.

In this stage, we fine tune the rendered images to enhance the visual experience. There are several tools (composition, color correction, visual effects) what help us to get the final mood, atmosphere, and feeling of the final image or video. The end result will be the final product whether it is a still image or a film.



The 3D logo turns your simple 2D image into a truly eye-catching experience. We guarantee that people will stop to look at your website, Facebook page or any other company image once they see it.


Being able to visualize a product helps manufacturers, designers and start-ups to progress their products from concept to sales. By utilizing our product visualization service, you can present your ideas to investors, meet print deadlines ahead of schedule and iterate your designs in a virtual space.


An architectural 3D fly-through can bring your development to life and helps sell your vision. We can produce a solution that not only amazes your audience but also is highly competitive on cost.

“The way Cactus Cubes team went an extra mile to complete our project was admirable…Thank you guys for all the hard work.”

Amit P.Mumbai, IN

“I especially appreciated the Cactus Cubes team’s suggested modifications. The extra time and effort they put in were certainly the difference to the project.”

Faruk K.Hornchurch, GB

“Speak to the Cactus Cubes team and see how they can help you, as you may not need to speak to anyone else.”

Duncan L.Manchester, GB

“With an overview of what we wanted, the Cactus Cubes team added the creativity we were after, communication was easy, they grasped what we were trying to achieve and delivered the remit and more.”

Sally H.Wigan, GB

“Cactus Cubes studio completed the work to a very high standard and delivered it two days early. Will be using their services again in the future.”

George H.London

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