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We can create a virtual 3D model of any object with a professional 3D modeling software. You can use this model for 3D printing, visualization, game development or just viewing your product idea in the 3-dimensional space.

What we need to get started:

  • what is the purpose of the 3D model (promotional video, 3D printing, product design, etc…)?
  • information about every detail of your product (it could be a very detailed sketch, images or technical drawings with measures) If you have only just a concept or a basic idea I can help you to fine-tune your product, please check out my add-ons.
  • Yours preferred output file format
  • Example images about your expectation
  • How detailed the 3D model should be?

Low-poly modeling

Creating a 3D model of an object focusing only its basic geometry. It is a cost effective way to get a 3D representation of a product in its early design stage. It is also a good choice if the model is used in a real-time rendering engine.

High-poly modeling

It is the best option to get a detailed 3D model for a total view visualization. The number of the polygons give us enough possibility to work on all of the main details such as the chamfer of the edges or modeling the screws.

Hyper-realistic modeling

If you need a very high-resolution image or need some close-up shots from your product it is highly recommended to choose this service because this way we can model all of the tiniest details what makes the 3D model looking realistic and believable.

We can get the best result if you can provide us the followings:

  • Orthogonal views, technical drawings (top, bottom, left side, right side, front and back view)
  • Close-up images about all important details
  • Exact dimensions of your product


After the 3D model is completed, we can move forward to the texturing and material setup. In this stage, we can apply a material to every part of the virtual model. It could be any kind of it, for example, a leather, metal, canvas, wood or glass… After all of the material’s properties (diffuse color, reflection, glossiness, refraction, roughness…) are adjusted we can place labels or stickers to an element. The end result will be a completely realistic 3D representation of your product.

What we need to get started

  • Your material, color, and texture preferences for every part of the product.
  • Every label, logo, and text what I should use as a texture map on the model (the higher resolution the better).



If your product consists no more than 10 different ordinary materials, we call it simple texturing. If you choose this service, we will apply stock or previously prepared textures to the model.


If your product requires more than 10 different materials and some of them are not commonly used, we call it complex texturing. Choosing this service we will virtually recreate any kind of unique materials even if it is labeled, patterned or has some sticker on it.

We can get the best result if you can provide us the followings

  • Close-up images about all important details
  • Vector-based images of labels, logos


In order to get the final image or video of a 3D model, we have to setup a virtual studio with proper lighting environment, where we can place into the textured 3D model. With a virtual camera, we can shoot one photo or a video sequence.

What we need to get started

  • completed and textured 3D model
  • your preferred lighting environment (studio or real life environment)
  • your background preferences (onecolor, gradient, image, or real life environment)
  • purpose of the final result


We place the 3D model into a simple studio lighting environment with a one-colour background.


We choose unique lighting optimised for the product, for emphasizing its benefits. We can also give it a gradient or studio background with ground shadow and reflection.

We can get the best result if you can provide us the followings

  • Example images or videos about your expectation.


A photorealistic visualization of your product could be an eye-catching piece in your website or any print or online appearance what can raise your conversion rate. We can turn your virtually recreated product into an expressive, detailed 3D image.

What we need to get started

  • Composition, layout, camera angle preferences, if you have any.
  • What is the purpose of the rendered shots? (promotional images, product design, commercial video, etc… I can also help with these.)
  • Example images about your expectation

Max 3 MP

You will get higher than fullHD resolution, which is enough for A6 print in 300dpi.

Max 9 MP

You will get higher than 4K resolution, which is enough for an A4 print in 300dpi.

Additional 5 MP

If you need higher resolution than 9 MP, we can give you a different proposal for every additional 5 MP.


If you want to present your product in action, we can animate it and get it moving. It can be shown from various different camera angles, we can demonstrate its functionality and even virtually assembling or disassembling it. In this stage, we design the camera and object movements based on a storyboard or script.

What we need to get started

  • Completed storyboard or script
  • Your animation ideas or preferences (movements, functionality details)
  • Composition preferences, if you have any.
  • Example video about your expectation

Camera movements

We can do basic camera transformations (rotation, translation, zoom) or advanced camera options (camera path, changing focus distance) for showing the best parts of your product.

Camera and object movements

Besides the basic and the advanced camera movements, we can also do object transformations such as rotation, translation and resize.

Non-solid simulation

It is a complex process to animate any kind of non-solid object or accurately simulate any liquid, particle elements, or any organic, flexible object’s motion. Please ask us to discuss the details for such a project.


When we are done with the motion design, we can start to render the animation. During this process, we turn the virtual 3D motion into an image sequence.

What we need to get started

  • Your preferred resolution (HD, fullHD or even higher)
  • confirmed preview renders of the motion design (It is very important to have everything to be eventual because in the ideal case we will not be able to get back to modify the model or any earlier step.)

HD resolution

We can guarantee maximum 3 low-quality previews before final rendering. At this reviews, you can tell us, if the previous steps need any modifications because we will not have the chance to change these things after the rendering.

FullHD resolution

We can guarantee max 3 low-quality previews before final rendering and a fullHD resolution for your animation.


At this stage of the workflow, we can put more on the animation of the product: we can create an atmosphere, a mood around it. We find a music for the video and we match the music with the motions of the animation. Also, we add some extra sound and visual effects.

What we need to get started

A discussion about your product, what it’s benefits,


You can have 3 reviews before final rendering, so you can still tell us if something needs to be changed. You can choose simple text animation, non-animated images, logos. Simple transactions, such as cut or fade. And all can be composed with suitable music.


If you choose the complex version in the animation you will get moving lighting, illustrations and further advanced text effects, advanced coloring and post production, advanced transactions.

Uploading you model to Sketchfab

We can create a detailed 3D model optimized for AR/VR use.
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