By presenting your product story, 3D animated videos allow you to showcase your product with beautifully sharp imagery and without the need for studios or presenters. Animations are extremely engaging and communicate product details in a way that traditional video simply can’t. We can animate full products, internal components or single elements in a variety of rendering styles.

Our product 3D animation, presenting your product from various different angles, showing its functionality and even virtually assembling or disassembling it, rendered to your specifications. An example shot sequence will be supplied to give you a better idea of how your project will look; this is also a good opportunity to make any changes before the final render is initiated.


★ 4 still image renderings of your product (3MP) – $209 – 4 day
★ 6 photo-realistic images with 1 product staging (9MP) – $419 – 7 day
★ 8 hyper-realistic images with 2 product staging (12MP) – $729 – 10 day

★ 20-sec simple 3D product HD video with camera movements – $409 – 6 days

★ 40-sec detailed fullHD video with cam and object movements – $729 – 10 days

★ 60-sec hyper-realistic fullHD video with extra special effects – $1499 – 20 days


3D product animation - Our service includes


  • Realistic texturing and studio lighting
  • Studio, one-color or transparent background
  • 30-second animation of your product (camera movements, functionality, assembling, disassembling, 360 degree animation).
  • HD quality rendered video
  • Sound effects and music of your choice
What we need

3D product animation - To get started, you need to provide

What we need

  • A 3D model of your product.
  • We can create the 3D model based on a photo, sketch, line drawing or even a detailed description of the product. Check out our add-ons for more details.
  • Your material, color and texture preferences for each part of the product.
  • Your animation ideas or preferences (movements, functionality details).
  • Composition preferences, if you have any.
  • Provide us with your contact details and requirements and CONTACT US HERE!
How to use

3D product animation - Usage tips

How to use

  • Promo video
  • Commercial
  • Product development
  • Online presentation of your product
  • Web shop
What else

3D product animation - Add-ons

What else

  • We can model your product based on a photo, sketch, line drawing or even a detailed description.
  • We can render one still image.
  • We can create a lifelike background to show your product in its natural surroundings.
  • We can render a full HD video.
  • We can make a 5 second intro and 5-second outro using your text and logo.
  • We can give you 10 more seconds of video.


Price: $409

If you would like to order this product or ask for detailed quote just click the button and

give us your contact information
write down your required product name
speed up the process and give us all the information ‘What we need

After that we will contact you as soon as possible.

This product doesn’t include:
– Completely changing of already finished project
– Extremely complex models of products (for such models We can give you a proposal, feel free to contact me)